Our Approach

Planning and environmental consultancy is what we do, and we do it well. We recognise that engaging with the Regulation Department and engaging with the planning application process can be daunting. Steedman Planning offers all its clients a clear, unambiguous and consistent approach. We do this by a simple staged approach. We help our clients to remain calm during the stresses and strains of the planning process because we pursue their matters with steady focus and drive. Where your planning matters… It’s what we do… that count’s

How we do it...

Stage 1.

We meet you on site and listen to your concerns.

Stage 2.

We review the information and key documents and identify the facts that make your case unique.

Stage 3.

We assess your options, help you understand the risks associated with what you are trying to achieve and agree with you a programme of work to help you succeed. We always explain our fee structure.

Stage 4.

We implement the agreed plan. Keeping in touch with you at all key decision points.

Stage 5.

We discuss with you the potential for any post decision monitoring or work.