Jersey Fortifications Study Group

Restoration and management works approved for a former German Occupation site (Listed Building) in Coastal National Park and Site of Special Interest:

On behalf of Jersey Fortifications Study Group, Steedman Planning secured planning permission (P/2023/1018) for the restoration and management works for a former German Occupation site which forms part of the former German Resistance Nest Steps. Known as Punkte 43, the small octagonal concrete structure is a ‘Ringstand’ or ‘Tobruk’ position, which was used as an observation post but was also adapted so that a machine gun could be mounted on the top as an anti-aircraft gun and to defend the Resistance Nest. This structure is apparently unusual for Jersey.

The site is within the Coastal National Park and a Natural Site of Special Interest (SSI).

Over time the sand dunes surrounding the Tobruk have migrated and swamped the structure leaving only its top visible.

Steedman Planning has embraced the client’s vision and worked with the Government of Jersey’s heritage and natural resources teams to ensure that the proposals are sensitively designed and resulted in us achieving a very swift positive decision. Steedman Planning acted as agents for Jersey Fortifications Study Group, prepared landscape proposals and the planning statement, coordinated other specialist consultants and managed the entire planning application process.

In doing so we have been able to ensure that the proposals respond to the special qualities of the landscape character, enhance its setting and deliver the clients aspirations to make the structure once again accessible, to preserve it for future generations and to increase the public’s understanding of the island’s occupation sites.